Best Nootropic Stacks for 2017

Which Nootropics Stack shall you consume this new year?

Many students, athletes and professionals fall into the world of nootropics not realizing that there are hundreds of potential nootropics that can be taken to improve cognitive behaviour.

As part of NutraBeautyProducts commitment, we will only discuss natural nootropics and how best to utilize these ingredients for peak performance. Check out this surge in nootropic related queries online, makes us want to leave skin creams behind altogether!

Best Nootropic Stacks

Quickly, what is a stack, a popular method of taking nootropics where you can combine multiple substances that together provide a better result. Finding the best stack times and varies from individual to individual.

The term best is very subjective, how do you define best, best could be defined as the most popular or most common stack that many other people have agreed on or had the best results with. If that’s the case, this site does a good job in listing the top 30 best nootropic stacks on their platform.

You may also go ahead and click on their Reports section to see what the best nootropics are as well, which is aggregated based on reporting and usage across thousands of users on their site.

Keep in mind this site is focused mostly on listing herbal and natural products, however they do have a page where they break out the costs of smart drugs like modafinil and relatively speaking these supplements are a steal.

Recommended Nootropic Stacks

#1 For Clean Burning Energy – We like to stick to the foundational stack, such as Caffeine + L-Theanine whereas the jittery effects of caffeine are mitigated by L-theanine which provides you with calm energy.

#2 For Social Anxiety – We recommend taking Phenibut and or Tianeptine, or you can go a more natural route and see if Ashwagandha and Fish Oil would work for you. You may go as high as 2g of Fish Oil a day to ease stress and provide mental relief. Check out additional Phenibut stacks here.

#3 For Improved Cognitive Function – Want to learn things faster, stay alert but want to stay away from Ritalin? Adderall? Consider taking Phenylpiracetam and Alpha GPC together for a heightened state of alertness for 4 hours, and the onset is about 20 minutes. Not to mention these are not new nootropics so generally the consensus among users is that they are safe!

What is the best nootropics stack? It depends…

You really need to try out a few different supplements and combine them to determine what stack will work best for you, the best way is to actually do it one at a time. Don’t go and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars right away. Slow and steady and read reports on existing stacks to determine what you should add. Learn about how to start and why you should track your supplementation here.


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